What is 4G?

What is 4G? Everything you need to know

4G simply stands for fourth generation, and it’s called that because it’s the fourth generation of mobile technology, following on from 2G and 3G. 4G is sometimes referred to as LTE (Long Term Evolution) and it’s similar in a lot of ways to 3G, as it allows you to use data to browse the net, play online games, download and stream, and more, but it does so a lot faster than 3G. As such, it’s a big part of why our phones have become more like computers. As not only have their processors got faster, but their ability to do things online has too How fast is 4G? Standard 4G, offers average download speeds of around 14Mbps, which is roughly three times as fast as standard 3G (which averages around 3Mbps), and more than twice as fast as 3G HSPA+, which is a more advanced form of 3G, with average download speeds of around 6Mbps However, while averaging around 14Mbps, standard 4G is theoretically capable of far higher speeds, potentially topping out at around 150Mbps. In short then, 4G is a lot faster than 3G, meaning you can have a far smoother experience online.


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